The crush ode

Valentine's Day Feb 14, 2022

Looking into your deep green orbs,
I find myself lost in the feeling.
'Cause what I feel I think it's love
But I'm not sure, it's overwhelming.

I can see you playing tough,
Trying very hard to hide your heart.
But leave it open, you're enough,
Let me take away that part.

Take my hand.
Rest your head on my shoulder,
I know it wasn't planned.
But we're only getting older.

Come, dance with me!
In the cold summer rain,
Your heart's rhythm is the key,
Let the neighbors complain!

The outside world is meaningless,
For both of us tonight.
As the starts are seeing us,
Washing us in their bright light.

I know you're not the romantic type,
I've seen your pragmatic side,
I know, as we are very much alike,
That you have feelings that you can't describe.

And I'll be waiting here for you
Hoping that maybe one day,
You will have feelings to pursue,
And the world will call us they.

Don't wait for them to make the first move! This time, if you think they're the one, follow your heart! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Poem written by Mîndru Mihaela.

Edited by Botescu Ioana.


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