Singles Awareness Day

Feb 14, 2022

Were you used to reading only articles about love, dating and relationships during this time?! Well, find out that there is a holiday called Singles Awareness Day. As we can see from the name, it is a day for single people to celebrate. Commonly known as Singles Appreciation Day, it takes place on the day after Valentine’s Day, on February 15th. Even if at first sight it seems like a weirder holiday, it has the role of reminding us that there is nothing wrong with being single. After all, those in relationships get to experience the joy of Valentine’s Day, so why shouldn’t single people have a day for themselves as well ?

This whole Singles Appreciation Day thing started out as a joke first. The origin of this celebration for singles people was a joke between many young people who used this day as a contradiction to Valentine’s Day. However, it has proven to be more popular than people would have expected. The only thing that could be considered a “tradition” is that some people wear only green on this day because it is the complementary opposite of red.

Singles Awareness Day is also a great day for recognizing other forms of love, for example, the unconditional love we receive from parents, grandparents and friends and also the love we have for ourselves, self-love. It reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with being single and the fact that “single” does NOT mean alone. When we are single, we are still appreciated and loved by our loved ones, such as close friends, co-workers / high school colleagues, and parents. It's not like exactly when we and the person we were dating, broke up, suddenly, our loved ones stopped loving or appreciating us.

Who says that if you are single you will not receive chocolate, flowers, heart-shaped boxes or stuffed animals in February? No one can say it! So on February 15th, some single friends buy gifts for each other, or even for themselves. Another advantage could be that all the nice items for Valentine's Day are now on sale or even at half price. Yes, I know… A little exaggerated to think so, but am I not right?

Buy for yourself everything you would like someone else to buy for you, because you can. You can even buy your own heart-shaped sweets. Who will say what?! Self-love is also a kind of love, the most important one. I think that if we really want to be happy single, we have to stop treating being single as the annoying time that we pass between relationships and embrace it. Instead of focusing on what we lack, we should focus on what we have -ourselves-.

Also, a long time ago I heard a very lovely phrase and it stuck in my head. It was saying something like being alone does not mean that no one loves you, but that God is still busy writing you a love story. I thought the phrase was too poetic and somehow exaggerated at that moment, but who knows?!

There are some people who celebrate this day because they dislike Valentine’s Day. We all know a lot of people who think that Valentine’s Day it's just a highly commercialized day, so all the stores can make more money. Or even you, yourself, could be one of the people who thinks so, and this is certainly not wrong at all, Valentine's Day has its clichés. These people anti-valentine can be even in serious relationships, and on February 15th, they celebrate the other form of love that prevails in the relationship. When I say the other form of love that prevails in the relationship, I mean those short fights, angry moods, bitterness or episodes of jealousy.

Other people who decide to celebrate Singles Appreciation Day may be hurt by their ex-partners or they have simply been so disappointed in previous relationships that they are afraid to love / crush on someone again. And no, I'm not going to start talking about the many reasons why someone can be single, because I'm probably not even able to do that. What I wanted to say is that there are people who need to relearn to love and cherish themselves first, so that they can fall in love with others.

Julia Roberts, a well-known American actress, once said ”I wish I were a little girl again, because skinned knees are easier to fix than a broken heart.” and she's really right. If I am judging this superficially, I can say that the physical wounds hurt and bleed, but at some point, not far away, they heal. Instead, moral wounds can hurt us worse than physical wounds, and the big problem is that we don't even know how long it will take for them to “heal”. In an even sadder way, these “wounds of the soul” can remain in us forever, because we can not heal from them. So I go back to what I said earlier, that we need to learn to deal with these “wounds” and get over them, loving ourselves and giving us more attention than we give to the unpleasant things in our lives.

If love is unpredictable and unclear, one thing is for sure: if you celebrate Singles Awareness Day this year, maybe next year you will celebrate Valentine's Day or even both. After all, does it matter what we celebrate?! It matters that in February we celebrate something with sweets, no matter the occasion.

— The following short verses are a joke and should be treated as such, because I do not urge (for the time being or in such a public way) for such behavior. —

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Vodka is cheaper than dinner for two.

(Popular verses for Singles Awareness Day,

written by an anonymous person)

Articol scris de Cristofan Theodora.

Design realizat de Rădulescu Bianca.

Articol editat de Stănescu Antonia.


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