Jan 28, 2022


Who am I?
All of us have thought about it
All of us have questioned,
What am I, who am I, why am I
Questions passing through our minds.

A doctor would say we are a body,
Made of flash, of bones, of hair.
A Christian would say a child,
Of God's whom before we bow.

A scientist would ramble about molecules,
Tightly bind to each other.
Politicians would call us people,
For that's what we are to them.

A lover would say their half,
As love will always give us purpose.
A pet would say their world,
To them, we mean the most.

But that doesn't answer anything,
Does it mean I'm just a thing?
I live, laugh, love and die?
All without saying a goodbye?

"What am I?" I ask looking at the sky.
It's raining, shivering I sigh,
The night is cold, gloomy and dark,
I am looking for a certain mark.

My heart is thumping in my chest,
My mind is bouncing in my head,
In going west to look for a nest,
Hoping one day I can find my rightful bed.

I don't want to be like everybody else,
I want to be me,
I want to be free!

Is there anything I can do?
Has the world always been so blue?
I guess it was,
I just had my eyes closed.

The morning is starting to creep in,
I smile, the sun is rising slowly.
The new day brings new hope too,
And eagerly I watch the view.

Only then, I open my eyes,
I'm me.

Poezie scrisă de Mîndru Mihaela.

Editat de Minciu Ioana.


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