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Ediția Noiembrie 2021 Nov 15, 2021

Illuminae, by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff, is an excellent story that takes place throughout space in a future where humanity has conquered the unknown and found new galaxies full of secrets that are waiting to be discovered. This enthralling book tells the adventures of two teenagers, Kady Grant and her ex-boyfriend, Ezra Mason, who must set aside their misunderstandings and fight against an enemy fleet that is threatening to destroy all that is left of their small society, all while having to protect themselves from a deadly plague that is slowly taking over their ships.

The story begins with Kady giving her account of what happened during the attack on their planet Kerenza, which was targeted for its invaluable resources. The teenagers embark on separate ships and manage to escape the battle, but soon realise that are being followed by an enemy dreadnought to kill any witnesses. During the stand-off, the main spaceship, the Alexander, is badly damaged and could not use its ability to teleport and must travel normally to the nearest station that could help them. Thus begins a continuous fight for survival, with odds turned against them and the uncertainty of their future looming ahead.

The story is rather thrilling, seeing how all the characters cope with how everything they have ever known is slowly crumbling to dust and knowing that their last seconds are being numbered. As if being chased by a spaceship set on eliminating them all is not enough, the Alexander fleet also has to deal with an unknown pathogen that drives the afflicted crazy and eats away at their humanity. Oh, and let's not forget about Alexander’s AI, whose command to prioritize human lives above anything else has started to wither away and leaves behind a maniacal machine bend on being merciful to the ship’s inhabitants. You know, normal activities that every teenager has to experience during their forming years, including Kady and Ezra.

The book is full of plot twists that lead to you asking yourself if the two authors want the readers to cry themselves to sleep or develop a serious heart disease. Nevertheless, they managed to create the perfect blend of teenager insecurities and thrilling adventures that you only get to experience in movies. What makes this novel special though, is the way it was written. The story is told through a series of classified documents, censored emails, interviews and others such as those. The unique writing style piques your interest at a first glance, and it certainly does not leave you disappointed with your decision of reading it.

I highly recommend Illuminae, as readers will have a hard time putting this masterpiece down until it has been viewed from one cover to the other. The suspense does not help with trying to take a break either since you will be kept on the edge of your seat while trying to figure how Kady and Ezra will manage to get out in one piece at the end of the book. (Minor spoiler warning, they do not.)

Articol redactat de Ana Sîrbu.

Articol editat de Minciu Ioana.


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