How I met your mother vs. father

Jan 28, 2022

I discovered How I met your mother about five years ago. I had just finished Friends and I had the sitcom fever, which is why I decided to watch this show. I was soon invested in the characters' lives and I was dying to find out who the mother is, but this story is about the journey, not the destination. When I found out that the producers had created a new show in the original's format I was so excited, I couldn't wait. Flash forward to today when I had finally watched the pilot episode of How I met your father and I am going to tell you why I love these shows so much.

General information about the two shows

How I met your mother is a TV sitcom from CBS that started airing in 2005 and ran 9 seasons for which it has won 10 Emmy Awards. One of which is for the best pilot episode for a Multi-Camera series at the 2006 edition. It is based on the friendship of Bays and Thomas (the creators), Ted is inspired loosely on Bays, and Marshall and Lily are based on Thomas and his wife.

Fans argue that the series might be better than Friends, and I can't totally disagree (I am a diehard fan of both shows), although I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under the age of 14, as it has some dirty jokes.

How I met your father is a sitcom that appears every Tuesday on Hulu (the platform also bought How I met your mother, so you could stream both shows there). It came out after a long period of negotiation. Initially, another show, How I met your dad, was supposed to come out the year after How I met your mother had ended. A pilot was shot, but CBS never picked up the series. So a year later Issac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger wrote another script, this time for How I met your father. The show was picked up by Hulu 5 years later, last spring, and the shooting began on August 31st 2021 for the 10 episode season. Most of the crew is said to have worked previously on How I met your mother, however, the cast is entirely different. In addition, the pilot episode is dedicated to Bob Saget, who was the voice of Ted Mosby in the first show, that died on January 9th of this year.

How I met your father is a sequel of How I met your mother, not a reboot, which is better because it introduces us to new characters, rather than modifying the life of the beloved ones in HIMYM, and it is set 20 years after the original one.

How I met your mother pilot synopsis

The sitcom begins in 2030 when we see two teenagers, whose names we learn later on the show: Penny (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Luke (David Henry). We hear a voice, who belongs to Bob Saget who we don't see, but we know he is the narrator, old Ted Mosby. His iconic line sets the show: Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story-the story of how I met your mother. The next thing we see is the intro, Hey beautiful sang by The Solids. And to be honest, other than the Friends theme song, I'll be there for you, this might be the most catchy one. Check it out here.

Then we get to meet two of the main characters: Ted (Josh Radnor), who is a 27-year old architect, and his roommate who he met in college, Marshall (Jason Segel), a second-year law student, preparing for when he asks Lily (Alyson Hannigan) to marry him. After Ted leaves he has an epiphany while talking to Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), that he is going to be 30 soon and hasn't met the one. On that note we get Barney's perspective on marriage and commitment: Don't even think about getting married until you are like 30, but his insecurities are better presented later on in the series, even when he has to argue with Ted that he is his best friend over Marshall.

Back in 2005, there weren't many ways to meet people, other than hanging out in a bar, so Patrick's character invented this little game called Have you met Ted? where he introduces Ted to random women at a bar. That is how he met Yasmine, who he tells that he is ready to settle. Being the hopeless romantic that he is, Ted has already planned his wedding Cause nothing is hotter than a guy planning his imaginary wedding, huh?

According to Ted, there are two important questions a guy has to ask:

  1. Do you want to go out sometime?
  2. Will you marry me?

The second one applies to Marshall and Lily when the kindergarten teacher gets home to her soon-to-be fiancee. After they get engaged, they want to celebrate by drinking champagne, but there is an incident when Marshall tries to open to bottle as the glass stopper gets in Lily's eye.

When Yasmine tells Ted that she already has a boyfriend, he realizes that he's never been more ready to meet the one. That is when he spots Robin (Cobie Smulders) in her iconic green blouse. He turns to Barney to tell him a serious thing, but he can't take anything seriously, so he makes an inappropriate joke:

TED: See that girl?

BARNEY: Oh yeah, you just know she likes it dirty.

Robin is introduced to Ted by Barney's game: Have you met Ted? So they talked, but Robin wasn't available that evening, which led to Ted asking her out for the next day.

Older Ted states that the date was really good. They went to a bistro in Brooklyn and got along with each other. When Ted gets home, he refers to Marshall and Lily as mom and dad which shows how close the three college friends are. He asks Marshall to describe his perfect woman, which is a dog person, drinks scotch, and quotes The Ghost Busters, criteria that Robin meets. In addition, there is the olive theory, based on Marshall and Lily: one of them hates olives and the other loves them, so they are compatible. However, at the end of the date, Robin, who is a news reporter, gets pulled into a story thus she has to abandon the date. Ted does not kiss her, because he says that he hasn't received the signal. Now if you watch the show, you will clearly see that he gets the signal, but he just does not act on it.

When Ted tells his group of friends what had happened, he realizes how dumb he had been, and decides to do a big romantic gesture, by stealing the french horn they had seen at the restaurant and going to Robin's place. All of his friends come to witness and they even get a personal driver, Ranjit (Marshall Manesh).

Everything goes well between Ted and Robin until he says the iconic line I think I'm in love with you... ON A FIRST DATE!! Which is why I understand Robin's reaction to being speechless. To save himself Ted does not apologize but he says this instead: I'm done being single. I'm not good at it. I think I'd make a damn good husband (and as much as I agree with Ted, I don't know how I would have reacted to something like this). And yet, they did not kiss.

The episode ends with the group at McLaren's pub, the bar where they usually hang out, toasting to the future.

The last scene pulls us back in 2030 and had me in shock when older Ted said that this is the true story of how I met your aunt Robin. WHAAAAAT? AUNT ROBIN??? NOT THE MOTHER? But this is a waaay longer story, and you are going to have to watch the show because I'm not going to spoil all of this amazing sitcom.

How I met your father pilot synopsis

This sitcom is set in 2050. The first character we see is old Sophie, played by Sex and the city alumni, Kim Catrall. But before we get to know her, there is the intro: the same song as in How I met your mother, but this time, Hey beautiful is sung by Lennon Stella. The mother is having trouble using tomorrow's technology when trying to call her son. Eventually, she manages to call him and asks if he has the time to hear the unabridged version of how I met your father.

Young Sophie (Hilary Duff), a 29-year-old photographer, takes us back to 2022, in the age of Tinder dating. On her way to a date, she orders an Uber which is driven by Jesse (Chris Lowell), and, in the car, there is also Sid (Suraj Sharma), Jesse's best friend and a bar owner. The three of them start talking and Sid confesses that he is getting engaged that night to Hannah (Ashley Reyes) a surgical resident in Los Angeles and Sid's college sweetheart. Oh, and if I hadn't mentioned, the story takes place in New York, so the two are doing a long-distance relationship. After saying that, Jesse sarcastically asks Sophie if she could choke me up with this charging cord, would you? The girl politely denies his request and asks if she could charge her phone instead. Then the boys ask her what is she going to do at the bar she was heading to. That is when she admits I think I've found the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with, but they haven't met in person just yet. Then she goes on and tells them that she was about to quit Tinder when she got matched with Ian (Daniel Augustin), a marine biologist who lives in Australia, and they've hit it off in text messages. Having given up on love, Jesse states The chances of this guy being your soulmate are lower than low, however, Sophie is confident that this was going to be her last first date ever.

She has a wonderful night with Ian, as her older self states: A date so good you don't check your phone, being convinced they are meant to be until he mentions the fact that he is moving to Australia for good and that they should probably stop seeing each other, but he had to meet her. At the end of the date, they want to kiss, but don't because Sophie says it's better off that way, referring to his departure.

When she gets home, we get to meet Valentina (Francia Raisa), Sophie's roommate who is an assistant stylist that she had just arrived home from London Fashion Week, where she met Charlie (Tom Ainsely), a royal bitch, as Valentina describes him later on.

When the two roommates were talking Sophie realizes that she had made a mistake and decided to call Ian. That is when she realizes she had swapped the phones in the Uber. Remembering that Sid was getting engaged at his bar, the three go there. Jesse was following Sid's phone, which was actually in Sophie's possession, so they have to hide when they get there to surprise the couple. Ellen (Tien Tran) is introduced as Jesse's adopted sister, a divorced woman who has come to New York for a fresh start and is a bit of an introvert.

Finally, Sid and Hannah arrive and the college sweethearts get engaged, not after Sid shared a memory from their first year in med school. They celebrate by drinking champagne but Hannah gets paged to the hospital in LA, as her patient received organs for donation, and spills the expensive drink. Meanwhile, Sophie is waiting for her phone to charge so that she could call Ian, as she was waiting, she was talking to Jesse, figuring out why he has given up on love: when he proposed to his girlfriend, she turned him down and the video went viral, to which Sophie assures him that he was going to find his Brooklyn Bridge girl. The lead has been living in the city since college but has never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, so she decided to walk on it with her soulmate. When her phone turns on she realizes she has all of Ian's boarding information, so she decides to do a grand romantic gesture and go to the airport.

All seven of them leave the party. At the airport we only see Sophie, Valentina, Charlie, Ellen, and Jesse, assuming that the newly engaged are heading their way. Sophie finds Ian and confesses that they should give it a try, but Ian turns her down.

The next scene takes us to the Brooklyn Bridge because Sophie had decided that she doesn't need it, but she still believes in love. Valentina tells Jesse The only magical thing about Sophie's life is that she still believes in love, as she has a party girl as a mom and the father wasn't in the picture.

The last scene takes us to Sid and Jesse's apartment. Now I have to tell you that I both screamed and started tearing up when I realized it was Ted and Marshall's old apartment because it's such a beautiful way to keep the memory of the original show alive. Jesse mentions that they've gotten the apartment from an old married couple, referring to Marshall and Lily who lived there after Ted moved out (but for more, you are going to have to wait-for-it and watch How I met your mother).

The pilot ends with older Sophie telling her son: That's the night I met your father. The statement has us thinking... Is it Jesse? Is it Ian? Is it Charlie? Is it Sid? Or is it someone we haven't even noticed? For that, we are going to have to tag along with the show.

Hilary Duff's opinion on the show

You might know her from the Lizzie McGuire Show (2001), or A Cinderella Story (2004), I know I do, but the 34-year-old actress has set a new path for herself as the lead on Hulu's newest sitcom, How I met your father. When she was asked to play the role of Sophie she initially rejected the proposal, as she was terrified that the show might not stand up to the original one, but now she feels confident that the series is going to be a success.

Hilary admires Sophie, as the younger version of the character has such a messed up life, but the calm behavior of the older version made her say Oh my god, Sophie has her life figured out.

Worth mentioning is the chemistry between Duff and her co-star, Francia Raisa, who felt intimidated at first by the 2000's teenage icon, but now they really get along together, the Grown-ish alumni admits that her co-star is very friendly.

When asked who the father is, Duff says it's Jesse, without even blinking even though the actors don't know who it actually is. Fun fact: the producers wouldn't tell them anyway, and especially not Tom Ainsely because he can't keep a secret. In addition to what Duff has said, Chris Lowell adds: If one version of that (the ending, who the father is) is Hilary and me together as a couple, I've got no complaints. So who knows, right?

Also, she shares her appreciation over Kim Cartell, not only for her career but also for her capability to shoot an entire season worth of flash-forwards in just one day.

Similarities between the shows

  • The kids who are not really willing to listen to such a long story.
  • The great first date: in HIMYM Ted-Robin, in HIMYF Sophie-Ian.
  • Not kissing at the end of the date.
  • The maybe someday.
  • The driver: in HIMYM Ranjit and in HIMYF Jesse.
  • The bar: in HIMYM McLaren's Pub and in HIMYF Pemberton's.
  • The engagement: in HIMYM Marshall-Lily, in HIMYF Sid-Hannah, college sweethearts.
  • The champagne incident: in HIMYM the glass stopper gets in Lily's eye when Marshall opens the bottle, in HIMYF Hannah spills champagne on her fiancée when she gets paged.
  • The grand gesture: in HIMYM Ted stealing the blue French horn, in HIMYF going to the airport to give it another chance.
  • The director: Pamela Fryman.
  • Basically, both pilots present how the group got together: in HIMYM how they met Robin and how she joined the group whereas in HIMYF, Sophie and Valentina are roommates and they meet Charlie, Sid, Jesse and Ellen with whom are going to be good friends.

Differences between the shows

  • The perspective: HIMYM presents the story of finding love, narrated from a masculine perspective, Ted Mosby; meanwhile, HIMYF has a feminine view on finding love, narrated by Sophie.
  • The theme song. Even though it is the same song, in HIMYM it is sung by The Solids and we hear a masculine voice, whereas in HIMYF it is sung by Lennon Stella, a feminine voice.
  • In HIMYM we see the kids, but not the narrator, however, in HIMYF we only see old Sophie, talking to her son, via video call.

So what is your comfort show? I've just told you about mine (which I have watched about 3 times now) and the one which might be my new go-to show. Would you watch it?

Written by Botescu Ioana.

Edited by Cismaru Lucian.


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