Europe's blackout

Short story Nov 6, 2021

"Dear journal,

My mama said that I should write about my day and feelings, but It's weird. You are a stranger, and I'm not allowed to talk to strangers. But I guess that if my mama said so, then it's alright.

Today has been fun! We had breakfast and then dada took me to school. I played with my friends and we had math ( that wasn't fun) then mama picked me up and we went home!

She told me that in the next two weeks something will happen and that I'll have to be a good child. I'm sure I'll be!

That's all for today mister journal, goodbye!"

"Dear mister journal,

Can I call you mister? I hope you are ok with that.

Today something weird happened. When I woke up there was no light in the room, or the bathroom, or the kitchen! I asked mama and she said it's because some trolls stole the light, nasty trolls.

We had fruit yoghurt for breakfast and then dada took me to school. We listen to the radio in the car! They were talking about light trolls. Mister journal, did you know that the nasty trolls stole the light from all Europe? Dada said they will give it back, eventually. He looked troubled.

At school, we had math and English. We played outside!

Today was a fun day."

"Dear mister journal,

Today wasn't a fun day. When I woke up it was cold, then I couldn't wash my teeth! Then teacher called mama and told her that Emily is sick! Now we have to stay at home for the next 2 weeks! Dada said some bad words, I'm not allowed to use them. Dada helped me wash with water from a bottle! That was fun!

Mama screamed to help her, mister journal. I was so scared, but it was ok. Well, not ok, but she was well. The frozen food defrosted! There was water everywhere and it smelled nasty.

That is when mama brought a strange thing to boil water. Then dada and I spent the day together! Mama is a doctor mister journal, she can't get days off like dada.

I love mama and dada!

See you tomorrow!"

"Hello, mister journal,

Why do I call you dear? Why do I call you mister? What if you are a lady? I'm sorry, can I call you journal? I don't want to upset you.

Today dada bought a radio, it has batteries! We listen to some music while eating. Last night wasn't so cold. I slept with mama and dada. We washed with bottled water and mama boiled it with the thing! They are still upset about the fridge.  Christmas is coming soon! I cannot wait!

Anyway, dada took me to a friend's house because he had to go to work. Mama took me for a Covid test, and it was negative. It was nasty, journal.

I played with my friend today, we walked his dog, some people were wearing masks, some weren't. Mama said to always wear a mask outside. I guess their mama never told them that."

"Hello, journal,

How are you? I haven't talked with you in a while, I'm sorry. Things aren't so good anymore. Mama and dada have been arguing lately. Mama is sad, she says many people are dying daily and she can't do it anymore. Dada has to stay many hours at work when I wake up he is already gone! He said that because of the light trolls they can only work while the sun is up. I'm reaaaaaallllyyyy bored. No cartoons, no games...I'm alone. I used to draw and dance, but it's no fun anymore. My friend is sick and I can't go to his place anymore. I miss him. And his dog.

The good part is that it's snowing! We will be having snow this Christmas (which is tomorrow). I'll ask mama if I can play outside for a while(even though she said to not get my clothes dirty because we can't wash clothes for a while).

I hope Santa will come even though there is no light."

"Dear journal,

Merry Christmas! I will call you dear because you are my friend. You listen to me, spend time with me and you know a lot about me! We are friends.

Tonight Santa will come (hopefully ). Mama smiled today! It made me so happy to see her smile! Dada came home earlier with a bag of sweets. We sang songs and dada told me stories.

I don't want toys or sweets this Christmas. I just want things to be the way they used to be. I want to go to school, I want to play outside...I want many things...but...why do I have to want those things? I wish things were better. But at least we are together.

Merry Christmas dear journal!"

We will be alright.

Poveste redactată de Mîndru Mihaela.

Editat de Botescu Ioana.


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