Carmine Reflections

May 9, 2022

Crimson tears and scarlet sorrows,

shivers of a rain of arrows,

Flutter down along my spine;

Dusk that shines as bright as blood,

in a never-ending flood,

Drowns my soul in depths of black.

Forgotten are the pain, the screams,

the shattered shards of hope and dreams.

A silent song, a lullaby

a distant siren passing by,

Wails against the bleeding sky.

Weeping cries and broken bones,

Fight against the knightly foes.

Peaceful sleep and starless night,

Welcoming the fatal blight.

Endless sleep and dreamless night,

Embracing the violent delight.

A lost light, one last ray

to warm the being of decay

Crimson tears and scarlet sorrows,

Paint a day of no tomorrow.

A broken mirror with no soul,

a constant fall with no control,

a final second of pain and fear

Before the humans disappear…

Poem written by Ana Sîrbu.

Edited by Botescu Ioana.


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